Elise Hennigan

Elise Hennigan

Elise is a Los Angeles-based journalist who holds an M.A. in Specialized Journalism from USC's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism She writes about culture, community, music, and art.

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New USDA Microloan Program Offers Funding for Small Farmers

As trendy as local food is these days, very few young people are making a go of farming. The USDA is trying to change that.

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FILTER Magazine - News - LIVE: Beck's “Song Reader” At Walt ...

FILTER Magazine - News - LIVE: Beck's “Song Reader”...

Ornamentsbuenosaires article
Pacific Standard

Buenos Aires Painting the Town With Christmas Ornaments

What to do with thousands of abandoned Christmas ornaments stored in a down-and-out section of Buenos Aires? Turn them into a social science experiment, of course!

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Street Vendors' Stories at the Autry National Museum | The Nosh

A large-scale student art project has been launched in defense of legalizing street vending.

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Growing beef trade hits India's sacred cow - CNN.com

As India continues its struggle for economic and political dominance in South Asia, there is concern that Hindu-mandated bans on beef could hamper the industry's future growth, particularly in states like Kerala and West Bengal where the practice is legal.

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Deepening Coverage of the Dalai Lama

This week, the Dalai Lama is touring the United States to speak to American audiences about spirituality, non-violence, climate change and interfaith dialogue.

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City of Angels Ballet - Providing Free Training for Talented Children | TakePart TV

For the tenderfoot, Los Angeles is 500 square miles of concrete, suburban sprawl, rough edges, and an ocean somewhere out beyond the haze. In the city of circumstance, young players need discipline, stability, and grace to succeed.

To get their footing, they seek out Mario Nugara, the Founder/Artistic Director of the City of Angels Ballet.

Elise Hennigan scouted the location and interviewed the subjects on camera for this project.

Open uri20130205 9462 145eo1s article

On the Street Level of India's Emerging Street Art Scene

As India gains wealth, new forms of artistic expression have sprouted up in its urban areas. Meet Daku, one of New Delhi's most prominent street artists.

Screen shot 2013 02 08 at 10.38.52 am article

Occupy LA: Scenes from the New Revolution // Part 1: A Year of Dissent

Scenes from the New Revolution is a five-part documentary series written and directed by journalist Sam Slovick.

Elise Hennigan assisted Slovick with interviews, script editing, and equipment during this two month project.

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Zach Wahls: How to Make Two Moms Super GLAAD on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day strategies from the Internet’s favorite marriage equality advocate.